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ecoinvent Newsletter - 03/2014

Content The ecoinvent team has movedecoinvent User Meeting following the 24th SETAC Annual...


Change in the ecoinvent Management

Bo Weidema, former Executive Manager of ecoinvent and the main architect behind ecoinvent version 3...


ecoinvent v3 | More models, more datasets, more consistency

Gregor Wernet, ecoinvent's Executive Manager, about the release of the new version of world's most...


ecoinvent - a not-for-profit association founded by ETHZ, EPFL, PSI, Empa and ART - is the world's leading supplier of consistent and transparent life cycle inventory (LCI) data of renown quality. With the ecoinvent database v2.2 and brand new v3.0 ecoinvent offers science-based, industrial, international life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle management (LCM) data and services.

Order your ecoinvent licence now and discover the brand new ecoinvent version 3!

Find out more about the brand new ecoinvent version 3 database:

 Introduction to ecoinvent version 3 for existing users

Overview of all activities and products present in ecoinvent v3

Key Features of ecoinvent v3:

 More System Models                                                     

In addition to attributional modelling, ecoinvent is now the only major database also supporting consequential modelling

New Datasets

New and updated datasets in the fields of electricity production, recycling activities, chemical production, fruit and vegetables, and many other sectors.

New Water Flows

Consistent modelling of water inputs and outputs in most parts of the database for impact of water use and consumption.

New Properties

All products in our database now come with information on physical and other properties, such as dry mass, wet mass, carbon content, etc.

New Global Supply Chains                                                                                                                                  

The new version of ecoinvent contains global supply chains for many products, allowing a more integrated perspective on products and processes. This implies that we have markets for all products.

 More Consistency               

New data quality guidelines to ensure coherent data acquisition and reporting

Would you like to learn more about the brand new ecoinvent version 3?

The introduction to version 3 gives you a great overview on what awaits you in ecoinvent v3!